Shanghai Panda revolves around a young panda named Melon. Melon may be clumsy like most panda’s but he was born with a special gift. Gifted with a great imagination, the ability of forming his own imaginary world brings him in odd situations. Together with his friends he is going on a journey to Shanghai, a sea located on the top of the mountain Nemo. The mountain is build up of different themes, every theme with unique world and story. During their journey Melon and his companions will encounter many adventures. But how much of this is reality and how much is his own imagination?


Panda circle

A cute little panda with a great imagination. Born out of a Moon melon which fell out of the sky.

Naku circle

A simple minded playful dog and Melon’s best friend.

Kwai cirlce

A cute robot with a strange habit, loves to clean up by dispatching it in his mouth.

Kwai circle

A member of the Chinese zombie family. Known to be scary and frightening. But Kwai is totally the opposite.